Self portrait of this ugly mug. I CANT SLEEEEP.


My art style is called inconsistent

Kieren in one of Simon’s many granddad jumpers.

Simon. Someone give the guy a blanket.

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I’ve fallen into a pit of ‘In the Flesh’

man am i ever just having the shittest day.
beer. i need beer.

I had a crack at Clint ‘human disaster’ Barton.

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Trying out new Styles with Enjolras.

  enjolras    les mis    les miserables  

currently drawing strong eye-brows onto pictures of myself in SAI to see if I could pull off the look.

"Lord have mercy on my rough and rowdy ways…."

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Black Widow


and here we have Peggy Carter, oh how I tried to emulate Phil Noto’s gorgeous style, but damn is it far away from how I usually draw.

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I really want to try some Phil Noto style stuff. Boy is it tough. I’m not what you’d call comfortable with lines that clean.